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6 Low Impact Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain

By January 24, 2022 November 7th, 2023 No Comments

Your knees do a lot for you, and it’s not uncommon to overwork them. Perhaps you find your knees aching after standard, high-impact exercises. Maybe you’re struggling to stay fit after obtaining a knee injury. If that’s the case, switching to low-impact exercises can help you keep your fitness goals, while being easier on your knees. Here are six great low-impact injuries to help you reduce knee pain. 

1) Elliptical

Ellipticals provide an excellent low-impact cardio alternative to running. While ellipticals are typically available at standard gyms, you can also purchase your own for home use. Ellipticals allow you to do interval training and intense cardio sessions–without overworking your knees. 

2) Bike riding

Biking is one of the most transformative low-impact exercises. While it may seem intense, biking is fairly easy on your knees. Biking regularly at high speeds is one of the best ways to improve your cardiovascular endurance. 

3) Walking

Walking on a level surface is easy on your knees. It’s the oldest human exercise in the book and an overall pleasant activity. Not to mention, walking can easily be turned into a social workout. Invite your friends to chat with you while you power walk through the park. 

4) Yoga

Yoga is slow in pace, but powerful in how it strengthens the body and promotes flexibility. It’s also tremendously low-impact and ideal for those suffering from knee injuries. Yoga can even help strengthen the muscles supporting your knees, which will make you more resilient during other activities. 

5) Swimming

When you enter the pool, the water supports your body, making it almost weightless. This means that you don’t have to worry about any high-impact action damaging your knees. If you’re struggling with knee pain, consider taking up swimming for an excellent full-body cardio workout. 

6) Rowing

Rowing provides an intense workout that strengthens your entire body. It’s also pretty gentle on your knees. Hop on the rowing machine at your gym for an excellent low-impact alternative exercise. 

Closing Thoughts

You only get one set of knees in life, and knee injuries are difficult to heal from. If you’re struggling with knee pain, consider taking up low-impact exercises. This will help keep you on track with your fitness犀利士
goals without risking knee injury.