Find Relief from Muscle Aches Using Trigger Point Therapy

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Trigger Point Therapy

Throughout the day, repetitive movements, stress, and fatigue affect the body. Muscles can develop knots, which become raised bumps just under the skin’s surface. Clinically referred to as myofascial trigger points, these occur in the connecting bands of tissue and are responsible for aching pain. However, if you’re experiencing muscle aches, there is an effective treatment that will provide you relief.


Trigger Points

Typically, muscle strands have an even thickness along their length. However, for myofascial trigger points, the muscle fibers contract in one area and stretch in others. Trigger point therapy helps remove the muscle knot, alleviate the pain, and relax the muscle.

There are known trigger points all over the body, and some diagrams show dozens of places where they can appear. Here are just a few places the body can experience muscle knots.


Major Trigger Points

 *Upper Back between the shoulder blades

driceps (Front Thigh Muscles) just above the knee

 *The Outside of the Upper Calves  


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy treats knotted up muscle fibers by applying pressure to these areas. Firm, even pressure to these trigger points, should eliminate the pain within 30 seconds. Initial pressure will produce some discomfort, but the pain will steadily weaken as you release the knot.  


Note:  If you apply pressure to an area and pain persists beyond 30 seconds, this may not be a myofascial trigger point.  It would be best to pinpoint the knot’s placement by pressing around the area with your fingers. Once you have found it, apply pressure with your fingers or use trigger point therapy tools. These tools consist of rolling bars, foam rollers, handheld back massage sticks, and percussive massage products. Another common tool to remove muscle knots is a tennis ball, which can create pressure on small areas.  


The Trick to Releasing Your Own Muscle Knots

If your partner or a close friend isn’t available to help, you can do this therapy effectively by yourself. You must find ways to utilize your own body weight to apply pressure. For example, the trigger points located between the shoulder blades would be impossible for you to reach on your own. However, if you lay down on your back and position a tennis ball over the knot, your body will create the necessary pressure to release it.

You can address many trigger points solo by either lying on the ground or leaning into a wall. It helps to use your body weight because removing muscle knots by tensing other muscles will compound the problem.


A Great Way to Alleviate Common Muscle Pain

If you’ve ever had frequent aches or been restless due to tightness in your muscles, you likely have muscle knots. You can find relief with trigger point therapy by applying pressure to the partially contracted fibers in the muscle. Many trigger point therapy tools are available or use a tennis ball to carry out the therapy. With a partner, therapy professional, or alone you can target these troublesome areas, remove the aching pain, and relax. 


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